What are hoverboards?

What exactly is a hover board?


Hover boards are one of the hottest new trends in america right now!

You are probably familiar with the segway, the 2 wheeled transportation device with handle bars. The hover board is very similar to a segway, the main difference is the fact that hover boards have no handle bars and use your sense of balance to control the movement. Some say it is very natural how hover boards move, since they do so well at tracking how you move.

Another similarity between hover boards and segways are the fact that they both have 2 wheels and are battery driven. Most hover boards actually travel faster that segways but some will find it hard to get your balance on a hover board since the handle bars are absent. Again, many people claim that they get used to the hover boards unique controls after a short amount of time, and after awhile its a totally natural feeling to ride on a hover board.

The batteries in both segways and hover boards last for a long time and are very dependable. People can get over an hour worth of travel from both of these devices, but many people choose the hover boards because of the portability of them. You can actually fit a hover board in a back pack and bring it inside with you, It would be a lot harder to do that with a segway, obviously.

Not only are hover boards lighter than segways they are also much faster, they can get to speeds of 15-20 miles per hour on a full charge.

Buying a hover board, unfortunately can be tricky. There are a ton of competitors selling them on amazon and ebay, sometimes for thousands of dollars. These models most of the time are made in the same factory and are exactly the same, but the difference in price an be hundreds of dollars. This is why you should look out for a good quality hover board, such as a CoolReall hoverboard segway. These hover boards are known to be reliable and good quality

Check out the video below for more details: